How To Include Cannabidiol In Your Meals

CBD edibles

Do you think that primitive human beings rolled cannabis into other plant leaves and smoked it? If yes, then they must have also tried to prepare meals with those not long afterwards. Edible cannabis products have been around for a while now, so they do not need any introduction. Weed and hash brownies, cannabis chocolate and other edibles are stoner culture elements, and their readymade versions are available in some state dispensaries.

Anyhow, what to do if you seek a more specific product than just blanketed cannabis? What if the different phytocannabinoids in the plant are unnecessary for you, and you just wish to try one or two to know how it goes? The most active cannabinoid with intoxicating effects in cannabis, namely THC, is added to tinctures or oils for some more energy in users. Cannabidiol, its non-intoxicating and less-active cousin, has also got much traction, particularly in the recent past. Known for its therapeutic properties, the number of oil and tincture-type products with cannabidiol has gone up in the market.

That makes many people wonder how to infuse cannabidiol into their beverages and solid food items? If it is possible to do, what could be made with cannabidiol? Here, we will explore that a little more closely.

How To Do It

You can work cannabidiol into solid food items and beverages. The how part depends on which items you are including it in, and which form it comes in.

Cannabidiol Breakfast

Let us start with the easiest preparation. Assume that you would like to include cannabidiol in a snack whose preparation does not require heat, such as butter and bread or another similar product. You would only need to make your standard breakfast and put some amounts of cannabidiol tincture or oil onto the toast after applying butter. It is even possible to have it with jam, but we would only recommend adding jam after the above-mentioned step.

That recommendation is related to a property associated with cannabinoids, which is called bioavailability. That property determines the amount of cannabidiol available in the human body for its use, and the speed it takes for it to be available. If ingested with high-fat products such as sunflower oil or butter, cannabidiol’s bioavailability would go up. That means, in the event of consuming cannabidiol with butter, you would experience its effects not only more quickly but also in a more potent form.

CBD Cocktails And Smoothies

Let us talk about including cannabidiol in a cold product. Cannabidiol can be a great inclusion in desserts, cocktails or smoothies. According to the form of cannabidiol you work into an alcohol-based beverage, it may dissolve in it or float. CBD tinctures can react with that drink’s alcohol content and can add to its taste. On the other hand, cannabidiol oil included with a dropper can float about and can be otherwise separated from the beverage.

Other than an alcoholic beverage, cannabidiol can work with cold coffee and can aid in managing caffeine’s negative effects. Are you sensitive to a stimulating ingredient such as caffeine? If yes, consider mixing in a bit of cannabidiol, and then you would be jitter-free, relaxed and energized to an extent.

Cannabidiol Cookies And Brownies

Wait before you work a bit of cannabidiol oil into your cookie or brownie batter and bake it. There may be no issue with making edible items with a herb, but chemical extracts would not work thus. If you work cannabidiol oil into the batter before baking it, it would evaporate in the course of the culinary process. In that case, you might end up consuming standard cookies or brownies. Cannabidiol oil can evaporate at about 302°F, so you should include it in dishes that require much less heat than that.

Besides, consider adding in cannabidiol when the process comes to an end, or maybe as an element in frosting or as a drizzle over the dish. It may not be all that elegant, but it would do.

CBD Coffee And Tea

It is also possible to work cannabidiol into one of these two drinks. If you still recall your school-level science classes, then you might know that cannabidiol has a higher boiling point as compared to water. That means it is possible to prepare your cannabidiol tea without bothering about wasting your valuable cannabis plant extract.

We would not suggest using cannabidiol oil as it is impossible to dissolve it in water. Instead, it can float in a cup of coffee or tea. So, try adding some amount of water-soluble cannabidiol to it. Adding in some amounts of milk high in fat can help to boost its bioavailability. That way, you can get more from your CBD dose.

Those are only some of the many ways of infusing cannabidiol into food. We would also like to persuade you to experiment with your recipes, master the craft and share it with others. Like any other form of cooking, science may limit your creativity only to some extent, but your imagination is what matters more here. We are eager to know what you could produce with your CBD recipes. Savor the meal.