Can Cannabidiol Treat Arthritis Pain?

CBD for joint pain and arthritis

Do you have arthritis pain? If you do, then you are perhaps thinking about treating it with cannabidiol. For the uninitiated, cannabidiol is an industrial hemp and marijuana component. You are likely to have already used CBD for chronic pain relief. According to a recent Arthritis Foundation survey’s results, 29% of arthritics use cannabidiol, and almost all of them have reported better sleep as well as physical functions.


As you have arthritis, you are perhaps tempted to use cannabidiol for the pain associated with it. Now, do we have any piece of evidence that cannabidiol reduces pain? Keep reading to know the answer.


Is Cannabidiol Effective In Treating Arthritis Pain?


Several animal and lab studies show that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, but there is no human research to support the above-mentioned. A recent review on marijuana and cannabidiol concluded that the former is an efficacious chronic pain treatment option. There is also evidence from anecdotes that cannabidiol treats chronic pain, but we should wait for clinical trial results to assert that cannabidiol is potentially effective for it.


Does Cannabidiol For Arthritis Have Any Negative Secondary Effects?


Cannabidiol may be regarded as a safe compound, but higher dosages of it might make you drowsy, light-headed, and feel a dry mouth. Rarely, the event of cannabidiol interacting with standard medication is also likely to cause liver problems, but those are not side effects. Instead, those are the consequences of drug-drug interaction.


Furthermore, you may have uncertainty regarding how pure CBD goods available on the market are because of the lack of federal regulations. There exist concerns regarding inhaled marijuana for pregnant people because it possibly causes their baby to be of low body weight. We do not yet know whether that applies to cannabidiol’s use.


Some medical specialists also express concerns that frequent CBD use for arthritis treatment might affect the pain control system of our body, thus causing tolerance. In the event of being tolerant of an item, you would need higher dosages of it for the same effects. However, there is only a low chance of cannabidiol addiction. A downside of cannabidiol goods may be their cost. CBD goods do not usually come cheap; according to their quality, dose, and frequency of utilization, those could have a considerable price.


Those are a few of the things you should bear in mind when consuming CBD as an arthritis pain treatment.